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Dental implants
Dental implants are considered the most successful way to replace missing teeth, by implanting new metal implants in place of the missing teeth. They are attached to the jaw to be used as a strong base for building a “crown” structure over the tooth.

Certain conditions must be met to ensure the success of dental implants:

The candidate for dental implant surgery must be in good health and not suffer from some diseases that affect the condition of the bones, such as advanced cases of diabetes and osteoporosis.
The presence of an appropriate amount of jaw bone in order to stabilize and fuse with the implant. The jaw bones are considered functional and often erode when a tooth is lost. Therefore, to ensure the success of the implant process, the missing bone must first be replaced and then the implant process completed.
Ensuring the distance of the bone to be transplanted from the nasal cavities and jaw nerves, and this is the doctor’s task, as it is evaluated with tests and x-rays.
And of course, maintaining and maintaining oral and dental health.